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EP Release Feb 28th, 2021!!!

We still live in a world where we still question “What’s Going On”!! We must continue to stand up against war, police brutality, racial inequality, brother against brother, sister against sister, homelessness and so many other things!! Thru it all we keep faith that things will get better. But it will take all of us!! Enjoy this video of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”! #DMC #morethanmusic


THA DOPE MUSIC CREW have individually been bringing their music to audiences in the Midwest for years. Hailed as some of “Milwaukee’s Dopest Musicians, Singers and Emcee,”. THA DOPE MUSIC CREW has its roots in the Neo Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary R&B traditions of music. The band’s captivating, high-energy performances transport audiences back in time as THA DOPE MUSIC CREW blends musicianship, creativity and tradition. THA DMC graced the Milwaukee music scene as a collective unit in June of 2018. In a year’s time, THA DOPE MUSIC CREW has released 2 singles, and has been an active voice through their music in the community. Tha Dope Music Crew stress the idea of “it’s more than Music” as a means of expressing their sincere desires to not only achieve their own personal goals but to also provide music as a form of healing, building up, and bringing together of people everywhere! Music is a universal language that can break many barriers. Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s THA DOPE MUSIC CREW are living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in an ailing music industry. This is a band that knows how to entertain while staying true to the music!


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